Publication details: Investor’s Guide – ET Now – 01-09-2016

Responses, opinion and view from Kartik Jhaveri

Question sent by Mr. Abhishek Singh:-

I am looking at creating a pension fund. I am 37 years old and plan on retiring at 45. I am looking at making a one time investment and can spare up to Rs. 2 crores right now. My monthly expense right now is about Rs. 5 lakhs and I want to maintain this lifestyle.

Advice given:

  1. If you want to retire in the next 8 years, the pension fund that you will require is going to be close to Rs. 38 crores.
  2. The Rs. 2 crores that you’re willing to invest right now will at best grow to somewhere in the range of Rs. 5-6 crores if I take a fair estimate of growth via the equity strategy.
  3. So in summary a pension fund cannot be created to manage your lifestyle and expenses in the time that you have and in the budget that you are willing to provide.
  4. What I suggest is you postpone your retirement timeframe or increase the budgetary allocation that you have available as on today.


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